Frequently asked questions

Do you have reviews?

I do indeed have reviews over at Escort Ireland, TER, and Adult Work.

Are your photos real?

Yes! My photos are between 1-2 years old. I have a shoot planned soon. If you are wanting newer photos- Hop on over to my Twitter.

Where do you host? Hotels? Private residence?

For my own secruity I don't disclosure this information publically. However if you have a preference either way- Just email and ask.

Screening? Deposit? What?

Head on over to my Screening Page Deposits are case by case basis. I reserve the right to request them up to 4 hours before our appointment. However most of the time I let you know in our intital communication if its needed.

I don't see my city listed.....

If you don't see your city-there are a two options. A) If I am near your city (Dublin: Galway) A deposit + 2+ hours appointment + travel fee will get me there pending availablity. B) If I am not ( Belfast: Paris) - Simply ask. Make it a better ask by booking 3+ hours.

Do you like gifts?

I love them! While traveling I prefer gift cards to a local retailor vs my regular request of books. My Gifts page is here.

How can I get in contact with you?

I have Whatsapp - 1 929- 263- 2934 LINE- Line ID clemxo WeChat- ID claraturing

WhatsApp - +1 929-263-2934 .