As a coquettish ingenue turned hedonistic tart I have the privilege of being a Renaissance woman (complete with a corset-And perhaps a Renaissance Fair or two) I am a charming raconteur, nerdy, funny girl, and active listener.

As a not so newly minted Ivy League college graduate, a citizen of the world and of many major cities- I have developed holdovers that have created this fair lady before you. My habit from living in New York is doing the crossword -in pen- in jammies with a cup of pour over. My time in London makes to where it is impossible to spell grey with an A.

Several years in Japan leads me to cover my mouth when laughing and a never-ending love affair with green matcha.

This comes through in my fashion as I mesh contemporary Parisian fashion with vintage and kawaii items from Japan. 

Whether we explore your country, my own or a new one together- reconnoiter of passion is guaranteed. My screening  and touring pages are the perfect beginning to our adventure. 


Time and attention are precious gifts that we not only give other people but that we give ourselves as well. As adventurers in this amazing world, we deserve to give ourselves gifts that make our heart and spirit the happiest.


I have found that my vagabond heart sings the loudest when given room to roam. This is often why you can find me traveling in all parts of the world. Having a perambulate spirit, positive disposition and reflective nature makes me a lovely travel collaborator.

As to my physical appearance- my photos are recent with a year but feel free to hop on over to Instagram or Twitter to get even more updated photos and personality. I am often mistaken for someone taller- since both my curly hair and personality take up a lot of room. I am 5’1 and a half with one sock on. I have a decade of muscle built from hiking the Pacific Northwest, and most recently my ten miles a day jaunts in Hong Kong. I am always sporting my signature cat-eye glasses and a large bag.

This bag often contains physical books, notebook, overly expensive pens, unsent postcards, and candy.

You may find me curled up in all black in a quiet Seattle cafe intently typing away at my latest writing project, in a bright ugly ill-fitting t-shirt on a volunteer team, sitting by myself with a cashmere scarf in the airport lounge, or slowly stretching naked in your bed.

WhatsApp - +1 929-263-2934 .